Let's Grow Your Ideas

With over 7+ years of combined experience in digital multi-media creation, Jesse & Heidi know how to make this often daunting process, easy for you and your business. We'll focus on all of the technical and creative sides of the video production process, while you are able to focus on what you do best! Take a look below to see examples of our work, testimonials, and what equipment we'll be using to turn your ideas into a reality.

Our Past Clients

Company Demo Reel

We provide our services to a wide variety of industries. Each video we make is custom tailored for you, and not just another drag and drop social media video that you see everywhere. We make sure to stay flexible and as close to your vision as possible so that we could give you the highest quality video for any of your purposes.




Our first feature length documentary, set to be released in the summer of 2019, tells the story of a school in Masese, Uganda. Due to the wars in the north of the country by Joseph Kony, hundreds of thousands have left their homes in search of a safer, better life. This is that story. 

We were approached with a different kind of story to tell, one of hardships, and success. Ratatouille & Co. is a company which helps train and bring up refugee women into the culinary world. Each woman has such an inspiring story to share, and we are lucky to help make their voices heard. 

The Mindfulness Series: https://www.transformationthroughlove.com/

After trying and failing (miserably) to shoot and edit videos on my own for my first big video series, I realized I needed professional help. As I was searching for someone who saw my vision (while offering a fair price), Jesse and Heidi immediately stood out from the rest because of their knowledgeable, kind, friendly demeanor and attention to detail. I hadn’t realized how important sound would be to my project (I was only focused on the video) — thankfully, this dynamic duo clued me into how both are CRUCIAL to creating videos people not only watch, but can be captivated by.

Working with Jesse and Heidi was one of the best things I have ever done for my business!! After easy, timely communicating back and forth, we had our first shoot and they immediately calmed my nerves with their peaceful presence and clear love of and handle on their craft. They remained genuinely positive throughout the day, cheering me on between takes and offering helpful tips and advice. It was a huge blessing to be able to arrive and just focus on the content, while they took care of arranging the lighting and staging of each shot. Then after the shoot day was done - all I had to do was wait for them to edit together the best of what I had managed.

The result?? I was BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the video and the seamlessness with the editing of the video and audio. My expectations were COMPLETELY exceeded in every sense, and I am so happy I chose to uplevel my entire business by choosing to work with Jesse and Heidi. They are the BEST and I am so excited to work with them again!

- JoAnna Nangle, Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor

Lights! Camera! Action!

There is countless equipment that is used to make videos, but not all of it is created equally. That is why we use the best equipment possible for the job at hand! If there is equipment that we do not have that you would like for a specific project we have connections to a variety of rental houses throughout New England that we will use to make sure you are getting as close to your vision as possible!

Cameras & Accessories

- Canon C300

- Panasonic GH4 + VLOG

- Canon EOS T6i

- Atomos Ninja HDR External Recorder

- Sigma Lenses (Focal Length 18mm to 250mm)

Sound & Recording

Sound is often looked over when creating videos on your own, but you can tell right away when it is done properly and professionally. So we aim to give you the highest quality sound to make your videos feel even more polished. 

- Sound Devices Mix-Pre 3

- Tascam DR-60 mk2

- Sennheiser ME-66

- Azden 1DX

- Blue Yeti