Winter Motivation

People often complain about winter because of the cold, dreary weather. They’ll stay inside their homes on the dark days and try to stay cozy while binge-watching a television series or having a movie marathon. The occasional snow-day is something that I look forward to, but that snow day cannot last the entire winter season.


If I had a snowed-in season… then nothing in my life would get done. I spend most of the year traveling and being outside - why would I stop that trend just because of the snow and cold weather? If I halted my hobbies, then everything else in my life would halt too. Therefore, I force myself out of my comfort zone and go on a hike on the coldest day. If I can overcome the elements, then I can overcome any challenge that the new year can bring.

For some reason, I’ve always loved this time of year. Why? You see, winter time can be a season of reflection; a time to better yourself and plan for the upcoming year. Many others do this too, usually once the new year begins people do that whole “new year, new me” thing… but then everyone kind of falls off that bandwagon once February rolls around.

Why not just start the moment the winter months begin?

The moment it begins getting cold outside, I begin the process of preparing for the new year. I reflect on the previous months and begin working on a budget.
I have a mental checklist for things I want to figure out:

  •         Places to travel

  •         Creative outlines

  •         Hiking spots

  •         Personal goals

  •         Business goals

Once I’ve thought about it, then I put the goals and ideas onto paper. I often to refer to that paper throughout the year. One important thing to note is that even though almost anything can be planned out, sometimes life can throw a curve ball. This is often why I usually don’t create a time-frame when it comes to travel ideas or even hiking challenges. I love to be spontaneous and adventurous… and I love discovering new places that I stumble across on my travels. Those kinds of days can never be planned out, they can only be discovered.

That concept alone is how this video, “Looking For You” got created to begin with.

Jesse and I literally just pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones to film on the coldest, wet days to capture some amazing stock footage. Our friend, Paden Dickinson, tagged a long for the ride and we hiked the Litchfield Hills together.

It was random, spontaneous, and adventurous.

My three favorite words and two of my favorite people.

Click the image below and check out our adventure!  

LTFP Jesse & Heidi
LTFP Jesse&Paden

*This video was not planned and was filmed on different days; it’s literally just ironic that Paden and I were wearing the same jackets and hats.*

Stay tuned for my next blog post,

-Heidi Reinprecht

Center of Hope: The Stories from Masese, Uganda - Trailer #1

Center of Hope (2018) - Trailer #1

Our trip to Uganda was one of the most wonderfully life changing experiences we have ever had. It was such an honor to hear stories of the people of Masese and their lives. It is our pleasure to share with you the very first trailer for our documentary, Center of Hope.

Thank you all for watching. We look forward to sharing more footage and clips of the documentary in the future! We’re so excited for this project and we hope you love it just as much!


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