Overcoming Instant Gratification

We live in a world in which we are constantly receiving instant gratification. Everything that we want or need is at our finger tips. Need to buy something? Order it online, and it’ll come within a few days. Need a new TV show or a movie to watch? There are so many different internet streaming services that are available, the entertainment options are endless. Need research information? The internet is literally accessible on smartphones. All of these options above don’t even require you to leave your house.

 Isn’t that crazy? We live in a day of age in which you can literally get prepared meals and groceries delivered to your house. When I was a kid, I never would’ve thought that this would be possible!

Now to be clear, I am not saying that this is a bad thing. Things are supposed to change overtime, and the fact that so much information and tools are easily accessible is beyond amazing and it helps a lot of people. However, the downside to this is it’s changing our mindset on other things that cannot happen instantly.

For instance, losing weight doesn’t happen immediately. That takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work. People may try diet fads or nutrition supplements to “speed” up the process, but that process alone is not instant what-so-ever. So what does that do to a person’s mindset that is used to instant gratification in almost all aspects of their lives? It puts them down, and might make them feel like they’re doing something wrong.

The same goes to success in any field or profession. Success does not happen overnight, and neither does building a business. One of the biggest struggles Jesse and I have had to overcome is to remind ourselves that it does not happen overnight. Having a widely successful business does not happen in the blink of an eye, it can sometimes take years.

On set with Ratatouille & Co. - August 2018

On set with Ratatouille & Co. - August 2018

Jesse and I started Little Tree Farm Productions in the December of 2017, and we’ve been steadily growing since the beginning. When we started we were scared because we were jumping into the unknown. All we knew for sure is that we just had to work hard and to never give up.

For instance, we didn’t have clients right away. In fact, our first big production day took two months to happen, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t try. Landing a first client is so difficult, and you have to get used to hearing the word “no”. Yes, we had experience working for someone else. We had the resume, but as a company what did we have as proof?

Any professional goal you set for yourself does not happen overnight, but we live in an age in which people receive instant gratification in almost all aspects of our lives. How did that make us feel? Terrible. There’s nothing worse than hearing a thousand “no’s” before landing the first client. Is that normal?


When we landed our first client, it was the best feeling in the world. The whole project itself was a huge success. Then after that, we had more clients, and all of those projects were successful. In the summer of 2018, just seven months after starting the business, Jesse and I went to Uganda to film a documentary.

Heidi & Jesse in Uganda - July 2018

Heidi & Jesse in Uganda - July 2018

Jesse Manning at an event in Scarsdale, NY - May 2019

Jesse Manning at an event in Scarsdale, NY - May 2019

Now? We have numerous clients, we were mentioned on the news, we have a studio space, we’re teaming up with other professionals in our field, and we’re finishing editing our first full feature documentary. If someone told me these facts when we first started that this is where we would be now, I would say they’re crazy.

It’s not that I didn’t expect for us to grow, but the way we have grown in the past two years is completely unpredictable. In the beginning, all we heard was the word “no”, but we kept pushing forward and kept learning. Instant gratification doesn’t exist with everything in your life. Many things still require hard work, perseverance, and drive. Sometimes, I still remind myself this fact.

So the moral of all this? If you have a dream, do not give up. I know you might hear this from so many people, but really… never give up. Whether it’s landing a new job, starting a business, or reaching that personal goal of yours, hearing the word “no” is preparing you for the moments in which you’ll hear “yes”.